29 January 2012
The 20th Wilmot Wander
The 27th Derby (Chaddesden) Scout Group once again hosted the annual Wilmot Wander as it reached its 20th year. Well done to everyone who took part in the 32 mile (58km) walk with an even bigger congratulations to the overall winners of each of the competition categories. The top 3 in each section are shown below. If you took part in the walk but didn't manage to finish in the top 3 then please see here for the full results of the competition.
Runners - Teams
1st Start No 120 Rolls Royce Harriers 4.36
2nd Start No 92 Daggie Longlegs 5.14
3rd Start No 95 Shelton Striders B 5.26
Runners - Individuals/Non Teams
1st Start No 101 Neil Kirk & Shane Rice 4.26
2nd Start No 78 Duncan Sadler 4.29
3rd Start No 116 Gerard Varin 4.51
Walkers - Teams
1st Start No 7 The Guiding Lights 7.47
2nd Start No 13 Saddle Row 8.44
3rd Start No 29 One for the Road 8.51
Walkers - Individuals/Non Teams
1st Start No 30 Mark Cottam 7.11
2nd Start No 3 & 4 Jacqueline & Mick Cooper, Andy & Jacky Reynolds 7.13
3rd Start No 11 Amorel Young 7.38