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Kevin Stretton was a member of the 27th in the 1960s, who is now an expat living in Adelaide, South Australia. He was kind enough to share some of his old memorabilia and memories with us.
Thanks to Adrian Harper for sending these.
Thanks to Bob Cheetham for sending these. His description:
"These were taken at Drum Hill at Easter in 1953. I am only in one of them, in the group sitting on a wall, I am the one on the lower RH end. I'm afraid I can't remember any of the other lads' names, but Terry (Plu) Locket is there, along with Mike Biggs, and another Scout we used to call "Horror"."
The headquarters of the 27th Derby (Chaddesden) Scout Group is located on Meadow Lane in the heart of Chaddesden.