2 February 2020
Results of the 28th Wilmot Wander
Congratulations to all who took part in this year's Wilmot Wander.
Please see here for a copy of this year's results.
The top 3 of each class are as follows:
The Wilmot Wander Trophy for Fell Runners:
Runners - Teams
1st Rolls-Royce Harriers 5hrs 01mins
2nd 3 Limping Aftermaths 7hrs 18mins
3rd N/A N/A
Runners - Individuals/Non Teams
1st Joe Baker 4hrs 42mins
2nd Mark Beighton 5hrs 08mins
3rd Kevin Perry 5hrs 15mins
The Les Gaskin Trophy for Walkers:
Walkers - Teams
1st Hard as Nails 8hrs 32mins
2nd The Rogersons 9hrs 48mins
3rd Walking with Harmony 10hrs 03mins