8 January 2017
Message from Australia
We were contacted recently by Kevin Stretton, a former member of the 27th Gold Pack Cubs in the 1960s, who is now an expat living in Adelaide, South Australia. Kevin was a member of the group in the 1960s but emigrated with his family to South Australia in February 1970. He has been there ever since, only revisiting the UK for the first time in 46 years last summer. Kevin has been kind enough to share some of his old memorabilia and memories with us. Please see the Photos page for the scanned images.
Prior to leaving, he and his brother were handed a book called The National Trust 3 England Midland Counties East Anglia by Peter Ryan, with the following leader names listed inside:
G.N(?)W(?) BentleyGroup Scout Leader
Pat WildgooseAkela
Elizabeth FooteKaa
Jackie Kilpatrick(?) Kirpatrick(?)Mao
Rebecca WaudbyChil
Ken(?) Kim(?) BradshawRikki
It also had a list of names of fellow Gold Pack Cubs at the time:
  • Anthony Fazckas
  • Darren Gwinnutt
  • David Bosworth
  • Gary Hall
  • Timothy Lane
  • Paul Ambrose
  • Perry Bloor
  • David Barratt
  • Michael Greener
  • Garry Bloon(?) Bloor(?) related to Perry(?)
  • Jonathon Lukes
  • Trevor W
  • Mark Weston
  • Wayne Ironmonger
  • Maurice Wint
  • Paul Mukosz
  • Patrick Doxon
  • James Ridgway
  • Gary Slaney
  • David Drury
I'd like to pass on a big thank you to Kevin for taking the time to pass all of this information onto us. It's very nice to know that someone from the other side of the world still remembers the 27th so fondly, after so many years away. If anyone remembers Kevin and wants to get in touch, please send a message to admin@27thderbyscouts.co.uk where he is happy for me to pass his contact details onto you.